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3ABN Radio
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Country: United StatesListen to radio stations broadcasting from United States
City: Barre
Address: IL 62896, P.O.Box 220
FM (MHz): 92.1
Genre: Religion-Spirituality
Phone: +1 618 627 4651
Fax: +1 618 627 2727
Description: Three Angels Broadcasting Network, or 3ABN for short, is a nonprofit, 24-hour television and radio network that primarily focuses on Christian and health-oriented programming. It is an independently owned and operated ministry, not funded by any church or denominational group; however, it supports the Seventh-day Adventist Church.The network's sign-on occurred on November 23, 1986, after two years of planning and construction of a satellite uplink site in Thompsonville, Illinois. Initially focusing on satellite broadcasting for the United States, 3ABN has since taken on several affiliates that broadcast directly into television markets on VHF and UHF stations and over 1400 cable TV systems worldwide. 3ABN's world headquarters is located in West Frankfort, Illinois.3ABN is the second-largest owner of low-power TV stations (next to Trinity Broadcasting Network) in the U.S. In 2006 its broadcast outlets in the U.S. numbered over 100 stations, and it currently has several more construction permits. The network also has a large production center in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and has produced a wide variety of Russian-language television and radio programming since 1993. These programs are aired throughout the Russian-speaking countries on approximately 150 television stations and several satellite channels.In 1999 and 2000 3ABN expanded into radio and satellite television in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the world. Currently 3ABN is distributed around the world via 11 satellites, an IPTV service (, and streaming video and audio on the Internet. 3ABN Radio Network is growing rapidly in affiliates due to the FCC allowing low power FM and AM stations in the United States.On August 24, 2003, 3ABN launched a 24/7 Spanish and Portuguese television network called 3ABN Latino.The ministry was cofounded by Danny Shelton with his wife at the time, Linda Shelton. Danny Shelton has also been president of the network throughout most of its existence, and hosts the network's flagship program, 3ABN Today, formerly 3ABN Presents.In April 2007 it was announced that Amazing Facts and 3ABN would be merging. However, on August 2007, after several months of review, Amazing Facts announced it would not merge with 3ABN due to issues with structural dynamics.On August 10, 2007, 3ABN split its main worldwide channel in two; with the main 3ABN channel continuing to serve primarily North America and a new 3ABN International channel to serve the entire eastern hemisphere. This channel carries mostly the same programming as the North American 3ABN channel but at times better suited for the eastern hemisphere.Another change came in August 2007, when Jim Gilley was selected as the new president of 3ABN. Gilley is described as a man with "vast experience in administration and in both personal and public evangelism."On January 1, 2009, 3ABN launched a 24/7 Christian children's television network called SonBeam Channel. It is on MOiPTV and, and also available as a streaming online broadcast.On March 23, 2010, 3ABN launched a 24/7 Christian Preaching television network called 3ABN Proclaim!, a new network featuring 3ABN preaching programs and SDA Church services preaching the gospel all the time. 3ABN Proclaim! is similar to The Church Channel.On December 1, 2010, 3ABN launched a new 24/7 Christian urban television network, Dare to Dream Network, to be aimed at meeting the needs of African Americans and other minorities who live in urban areas. Dare to Dream Network is available on the Internet as a streaming broadcast, and soon to be available on satellite and cable systems across the United States.

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