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City: Smithboro
Address: 1140 Monticello Road Suite 106C Madison, Georgia 30650
FM (MHz): 89.1
Genre: Christian Contemp
Phone: 1.800.277.0387
Fax: 864.467.0646
Language of broadcast: English
Description: Network of Glory, Inc. (a non-stock, not-for-profit broadcasting corporation) views mankind with three distinctive components: physical, emotional, and spiritual. It is our belief that all three of these components must be in balance for mankind to have a fulfilled life. The Network of Glory further believes that our American society and secular media have ignored the spiritual component of mankind. The Network of Glory will focus on both local and national programs to bring the spiritual component of mankind to the attention of our listeners. Thus, the radio station’s focus and mission will be to educate our community in the following areas: 1.To make our audience aware of the spiritual component of man and to encourage them to be people of positive values, positive attitudes and to have a Bible based morality. Instructing the listeners to be people of faith, truth, and honesty; encouraging each listener to have an attitude of fairness and compassion as they deal with others in their communities. 2.To reinforce positive family values in the home. Educating and encouraging families to fulfill their respective roles in a productive society. 3.To serve as a venue for positive community news and activities. 4.To share positive and uplifting Christian music. The Network of Glory will be non-denominational in religious focus. There is an oversight board composed of members who believe and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Board members will: *Set goals and give programming direction. *Ensure that the programming is biblical and honoring to Christ. *Determine if the programs meet the Network of Glory purpose of educating the public. The Network of Glory will seek out local and national programming sources so that a regular schedule of programming can be provided which fulfills our four educational goals and purposes for the community. In summary, the programming presented to the public will encourage people to live their lives in right relationship with God. And, the Bible will be the cornerstone in the foundation of our teaching and programming focus. EDUCATIONAL GOAL 1 The goal of educating our listeners about the spiritual component of man and encouraging listeners to be people of faith will be fulfilled by local and national programs. EDUCATIONAL GOAL 2 The goal of reinforcing positive family values will be accomplished by seeking out local and national programming, that target the specific needs of family members, both youth and adults. Specific messages aimed at youth include: 1. Saying no to illegal drugs and alcohol, 2. Abstaining from sexual activity outside marriage, 3. God is interested in the young even if they have made mistakes, 4. Treating others with dignity and respect, 5. To live as a Christian example and good citizen. Network of Glory also has programming targeted to help women: 1. Who are going through the different phases of a divorce. 2. Who are going through a death of a parent, child, or spouse. 3. Properly raise and nurture their children. 4. With their budgets. 5. Who are going through problems with alcoholism, abortion, physical or mental abuse, etc…. 6. Fulfill their role as Christian wives. 7. By providing resources for academic and spiritual education. Programs specific for the needs of men are also included. These are selected to help men fulfill their particular roles as the spiritual leader in his home, workplace, and church. These are only a few of the topics that will assist Network of Glory to meet our educational goal of reinforcing positive family values. Network of Glory has local professional counselors and churches that have counselors on staff available to our listeners. EDUCATIONAL GOAL 3 Network of Glory also serves as a venue for positive community news and activities. Our sources include local government agencies; e.g. police and fire departments, school boards, and social work organizations. EDUCATIONAL GOAL 4 Network of Glory visualizes the radio station with talk radio and uplifting Christian music components. The music comes from various sources and is a daily part of our ministry. In addition to well-known artists, we invite local artists to share their music and ministry. Local musical events will be frequently promoted through on air initiatives and web site postings.

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