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Country: South AfricaListen to radio stations broadcasting from South Africa
City: Johannesburg
FM (MHz): 106.6
Genre: Religious
Phone: +2731 2081601
Description: Muslims in general do not have control over media, high on the list of priorities, is an objectives and Islamic perspective to issues faced by the Muslim and Arab world. Muslims in South Africa have also been subjected to the negative image of themselves and biased portrayal of islam on the screens, radio and other communication media. Against this backdrop is the need for Muslims to network wIth each other and develop a media infrstructure.

Against this backdrop was founded Radio Al-Ansaar. The primary objective of the station is to educate, inform land unite the Ummah and mankind. Alhumdulillah, Radio Al-Ansaar listener ship rose to almost 95% of the total Muslim population residing within the vicinity of the broadcasting area.

Radio Al-Ansaar offers listeners a wide variety of programmes such as An-Nisaa, a programme dealing with Muslim female issues, Talking Point relates to international Islamic issues, Business Sense which encourages entrepreneurship and other useful information relating to companies and small business. Amongst the high profile programmes featured on Radio Al-Ansaar are Food Fair, At Home, and Drive Time.

Nightline is a popular late night talk show that encourages debate between listeners and a panel of experts, local and international, on topical issues concerning the Muslim World and Islam.

The initial five-year plan was for Radio Al-Ansaar to broadcast only during the month of Ramadaan each year. The vision for the next five years, is obtaining a licence for a permanent Radio station. A fully modernized and sophisticated studio is in the process of being built at the new centre.

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