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VictoriaVoice of Hope

VictoriaVoice of Hope
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2012-06-16 20:14:40
Country: ArubaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Aruba
City: Oranjestad
Address: Washington 23A
FM (MHz): 93.1
Genre: Religious
Phone: +297 587 3444
Language of broadcast: English
Description: Radio Victoria was started in 1958 on the island of Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean by the missionary organization The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM). Initially programs were transmitted by the local radio station Voz di Aruba. At first only on the AM band, but in 1970 Radio Victoria started operating on the FM band as well. In 1992 Komunion took over the management of the radio from TEAM, and in 1998 the Foundation Radio Victoria was established and got complete management of the radio station.

Nowadays Radio Victoria is an Aruban Foundation run by local Christians.

From Monday to Friday at 12:30 PM we present the oldest Christian Papiamento program still airing by Hermano Brom. Hermano Brom worked as a missionary on the ABC islands for a long time.

If you plan to visit Aruba, you can listen to us 24/7 on 93.1 FM.

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