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Edge radio (7EDG)

Edge radio (7EDG)
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2012-06-16 23:37:28
Country: AustraliaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Australia
City: Hobart
Address: Edge Radio Private Bag 44, Hobart TAS 7001
FM (MHz): 99.3
Genre: Modern Rock
Phone: +61 3 6226 7273
Language of broadcast: English
Description: Edge Radio (call sign: 7EDG) is a community radio station situated in the Australian city of Hobart. It is a youth oriented station, with most of its presenters under the age of thirty.Originally set up by Tasmanian University broadcasters, Edge Radio began as a partnership between youth community representatives, media practitioners, the University of Tasmania (Utas) and the local student union the Tasmania University Union(TUU). In the Attempt to get a permanent license the new organisation separated its governance structure from UTas and the TUU in order to ensure that it was seen as independent. Sadly this has not worked as the station has been unable to repay its initial funding provided by the Arts Faculty. Also key to this failure of independence is that only staff and students are permitted on University owned land, therefore the Community licence is non invitational to anyone other than University personnel.Tasmanian Youth Broadcasters Inc. was awarded a broadcasting licence after a four week trial period in August 2002. The station broadcast material that defined it could not be a responsible broadcaster, rather it continued for this four week period to self gratify the University and its many businesses, and continues to be narrow in its outlook . The licence was for a community radio station that serviced the youth of Hobart. The station was named Edge Radio and was launched by Machine Gun Fellatio's Chit Chat in February 2003. The station had immediate success, being awarded the Community Radio Station of the Year in its first year of broadcasting by the CBAA.

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