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KAHM-FM (Calm Radio FM)

KAHM-FM (Calm Radio FM)
Rating :5.00

Last updated:
2012-06-16 23:55:24
Country: United StatesListen to radio stations broadcasting from United States
City: Prescott
FM (MHz): 102.1
Genre: Easy Listening
Phone: 928-445-7800
Fax: 928-445-5365
Language of broadcast: English
Description: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Right here in Prescott, Arizona - where Calm Radio was born September 9, 1981. We began streaming on the internet in 2007. WHY CALM RADIO? Over 25 years ago, Southwest FM Broadcasting, a Prescott company, made the decision to provide a consistently relaxing and comfortable listening environment, one as beautiful as Prescott itself. While other stations moved on to more contemporary formats, we did not. We like to say, "We've always been Calm, and we always will be." DO YOU EVER SLEEP? Thanks to the computer, no. Since 2005 it's been "Calm around the clock", with music 24/7. IS KAHM PART OF ONE OF THOSE BIG STATION GROUPS? No, but our parent company, Southwest Broadcasting, also operates an AM station here in Prescott. Our local news comes from its news department. IS VERONICA TYLER AUSTRALIAN OR ENGLISH? HOW LONG HAS SHE BEEN ON THE AIR? Veronica is English. She hails from Iver, Buckinghamshire. She has been with the station just over 20 years. WHERE IS YOUR TRANSMITTER LOCATED? Atop 7,500 foot Mingus Mountain, 25 miles northeast of Prescott. It sends a 58,000 watt signal over a wide expanse of central and northern Arizona. (SEE MAP) AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO LISTENS? Hardly. You belong to a large and devoted group of people who appreciate our distinctive sound. KAHM has been the highest rated station in our market since the very first year of broadcast. There are many loyal listeners who boast they've been with us since the beginning. Now that Calm is on the internet, we're hearing from new friends located all over the globe. TELL ME ABOUT THE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS ON YOUR WEBSITE? They're scenes from in and around Prescott, taken by talented local photographers. If you have photos you'd like to add to our montage, let us know. YOU PLAY A SONG I'VE HEARD NOWHERE ELSE. CAN I BUY A COPY OF IT FROM YOU? We can't do that, since we're licensed for broadcast only. We'll be happy to help you identify a piece of music so you can purchase it elsewhere. (Note: Some versions were commissioned for radio play only and won't be available from the usual music sources.) WOULD YOU ACCEPT MY ADVERTISING? Try us. You'll find us to be accommodating and our listeners extremely loyal to those who make their favorite music possible. Send an E-mail directed to Sales and you'll get a quick response.

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