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La Que Buena 96.1 (KRQB)

La Que Buena 96.1 (KRQB)
Rating :8.5

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2012-06-17 00:01:06
Country: United StatesListen to radio stations broadcasting from United States
City: Burbank
Address: 1845 W. Empire Ave., 91504
FM (MHz): 96.1
Genre: Mexican
Phone: 8187295300
Language of broadcast: Spanish
Description: KRQB (96.1 FM) is one of four southern California radio stations branded as "Que Buena" and which all play Mexican regional music. Its shared owner is Liberman Broadcasting.In 1990, the station signed on, as KWRP, programming an adult standards music format. On January 22, 2003, the station changed its format airing regional Mexican music under the branding of "Fiesta Mexicana" later re-branded to "Ranchera 96.1" on February 25, 2003. When KWIE went on air they quickly caused competition to station 99.1 KGGI, which is also in the IE.KWIE tested the hurban music format which consisted of Hip-Hop/R&B and Reggaeton. While it was a hurban station it was known as Wild 96.1, with the slogan Hip-Hop y más. In late 2006 KWIE changed to a Rhythmic Top 40 format. This change did not cause any change to its Hip-Hop/R&B music, but resulted in no more Reggaeton music in its regular playlist. As a result, the slogan changed from "Hip-hop y más" to "#1 for Hip-Hop."On July 19, 2007, the station was sold to Liberman Broadcasting Inc. for $25 million. When the deal closed, the KWIE call sign was moved to 93.5FM in Ontario, California (formerly under the callsign KDAI), which simulcast KDAY until August 2008, when the signals of KDAY and KWIE were separated. On August 1, 2007, KRQB launched the Que Buena regional Mexican format in the Inland Empire. KRQB joined the trimulcast of the three Los Angeles-area stations (KEBN Garden Grove, KBUE Long Beach, and KBUA San Fernando) in broadcasting the hugely popular morning show of Don Cheto. The midday, PM drive, and evening dayparts have a team of local, Inland Empire DJs, different than those heard on the LA trombo. After just eight months on the air, KRQB was already one of the top-rated stations in the entire Riverside/San Bernardino market and remains so today.

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