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IRIB World Service 2 (IRIB WS 2)

IRIB World Service 2 (IRIB WS 2)
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2012-06-16 20:36:50
Country: IranListen to radio stations broadcasting from Iran
City: Teheran
Internet radio
Genre: Christian Contemp
Language of broadcast: English
Description: In addition to conveying the message to the listeners and viewers through its channels together with more than 100 sites , IRIB also takes the advantage of the possibilities and potentials of the written medium so that it has it's own site ( as its virtual media .Its subcategories are created by each of IRIB's channels which in turn create and spread the content in the worldwide web .8 native TV Channels,12 native radio stations together with 27 world service channels and 6 satellite channels in different languages have their own sites representing the data and information in forms of : written text, Audio and visual files, live broadcast of the channels. Besides all this , there are also comprehensive information all present in in the fields such as religion (Quran, Hajj, prayers) medicine, education, literature, politics and technology ,music , literature , news and information systems .The irib site together with all of its sub parts is now considered as one of the greatest Iranian sites visited by too many visitors.
In the written media section, Jame jam newspaper with a daily circulation of more than 450000 is available to the readers. Jame-jam on- line is also another way for the readers to get access to the content of the newspaper through internet. Another part of the IRIB's written media is presented to readers in a rather different form: magazines and books published by the Islamic research centers publishing house, aimed at publishing the invaluable religious sources ,Soroush ( the publishing house of IRIB)by publishing magazines ,weeklies, (both for the adults and the youth), monthlies ( for adolescents and for children)and quarterlies ( Soroush Andisheh).The publishing of the books and research texts in the field of religion, science and social affairs play important role in supporting the content of IRIB's programs and serves as a suitable guidance for the authors and producers of the programs ,so that they can enrich the content of the programs .

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