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Mike FM (WMKK)

Mike FM (WMKK)
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2012-06-17 00:52:42
Country: United StatesListen to radio stations broadcasting from United States
City: Lawrence
FM (MHz): 93.7
Genre: Adult Rock
Language of broadcast: English
Description: WMKK (93.7 FM, "93.7 Mike FM") is a radio station licensed to serve Lawrence, Massachusetts. The station plays a wide variety of popular music, serving as the Boston market's answer to the Jack FM craze. The lean is adult rock hits though some non-rock is played as well. The music spans from 1964 to a few current hits with heavy emphasis on '70s-'80s-'90s rock hits, specifically '80s hits. The station currently has no airstaff. It is dependent on quirky imaging for its "personality." The types of music range from hard rock to alternative to pop rock to disco to some Rhythm and blues product. Entercom Boston's office is located outside of Boston in Brighton, Massachusetts. Its transmitter is located in Peabody, Massachusetts.In the station's early days as WGHJ, and WCCM-FM, 93.7 aired locally based programming that targeted Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley. In 1974 the station evolved into WCGY, an automated Stereo Top 40/oldies station that targeted the Greater Boston, Massachusetts area, due to the signal's strength. The call letters were chosen with the owner in mind as Curt Gowdy and his children owned and operated the station until the sale to American Radio Systems in 1994.In 1983 WCGY flipped to an oldies format playing hits of the '50s and '60s. The station, however, did not perform well in the Boston ratings. Some early to mid '70s oldies were mixed in by 1984 and by 1985 the '50s music was gone. The station by then was called "Superhits WCGY". By 1986 the station leaned slightly toward classic rock still playing mostly music from 1964 to 1974. By 1987 WCGY evolved to more of a classic rock format and held on to this format until 1994. From 1992-1994 they were called "Rock 93, WCGY"In 1994, immediately after the station was sold to American Radio Systems, WCGY became '70s-formatted WEGQ "Eagle 93.7", which received many changes over its five year existence. Initially they played music from 1970-79 ranging from classic rock to disco to pop to pop/rock to novelty to easy listening. As time went on they added late '60s and early '80s music. By 1995 they also leaned classic rock. The station's most notable air talent was likely its morning show, Karlson and McKenzie who are now on WZLX.After American Radio Systems was acquired by CBS/Westinghouse, the combined company was required to sell two of their FM stations, along with three AM stations. WEGQ, along with WEEI, WRKO, and WAAF, was sold to Entercom Communications.After the sale, Entercom changed WEGQ's format, as from April 1, 1999 until April 14, 2005, the station was WQSX "Star 93.7", which was a format that could be described as a combination of '70s and '80s-soul music, dance music, rhythmic hit music, and rhythmic adult contemporary tracks. This format, however, didn't catch any fire in the Arbitron ratings. However, on January 19, 2006 they would bring the format back as a HD2 subcarrier. The format is also available online as an internet-only station. During 2001, controversial "Survivor" winner Richard Hatch was a morning host briefly.On April 14, 2005, WQSX became the current WMKK. Inside Radio, a radio industry publication, released information that had this change not taken place, Infinity Broadcasting (interestingly, the group that was prohibited from owning 93.7 itself back in the late 1990s, and is now known as CBS Radio) reportedly would have transformed either WBMX, WZLX, or even WODS to Jack FM on April 15.Following the Boston Red Sox victory in the 2007 World Series, the station re-branded itself as 93.7 Mike Lowell FM after the third baseman for one day. Similarly, MIKE FM paid tribute to Michael Jackson in July 2009 by re-branding themselves as "Michael FM" and playing Jackson's songs for the afternoon on the anniversary of his death.In 2009 there were rumors reported by The Boston Globe that Entercom would air its sports station, WEEI, on MIKE FM's frequency to compete with the new 98.5 The Sports Hub. This rumor was unfounded but in March 2010, Entercom added a simulcast of WEEI to the HD-3 signal of WMKK.

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