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Sawt El Ghad

Sawt El Ghad
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2012-06-16 20:43:17
Country: LebanonListen to radio stations broadcasting from Lebanon
City: Beirut
Address: Jounieh-Beirut HighwayJemejian bldg (Daihatsu bldg.)4th floor
FM (MHz): 96.7
Genre: Top 40-Pop
Phone: +961 1 881 555/666/7
Fax: +961 1 881 999
Language of broadcast: English
Description: On September 10, 1997, the first wave of transmission was emitted from the Sawt El Ghad studios in Beirut to cover Lebanon. Growing at a rapid rate, Sawt El Ghad, in 1999, extended its culture to neighboring Syria. The international broadcasting of Sawt El Ghad, also became feasible in 2000, via a live audio link on In the same year, an important goal was met, when Sawt El Ghad was officially declared the most listened to Arabic radio station in Lebanon, by several Lebanese and Arabic statistics companies and has proudly held that title ever since. It is worth mentioning that in 2002, Sawt El Ghad through its elaborate technology and specialized engineers became the first Lebanese radio station broadcasting to Aleppo, Syria.

In early 2003 Sawt El Ghad also reached more than 5 million Arabs in Australia by broadcasting directly on 1620 AM thus giving the Lebanese Diaspora a taste of their way back home. In 2005 Sawt El Ghad witnessed its expansion to Jordan where it is broadcast on 101.5 MHz from the heart of Amman. Within a few months of broadcasting, the radio station is already a a serious challenge to competitors! The most recent addition is the land of Bahrain where Sawt El Ghad will soon be broadcasting on 94.8 MHz!

Today Sawt El Ghad is still ever expanding, keeping in mind the essence of its mission; to entertain and unite people through the endless power of music and quality entertainment

Type of Programs

Entertaining, educational and informative aimed at a wide range audience.

Geographical Coverage and Frequencies:

Lebanon: 96.7 MHz & 97.1 MHz

Syria: 99.9 MHz

Jordan: 101.5MHz

Australia: 1620 AM

Bahrain: 94.8 MHz

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