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Liban Libre

Liban Libre
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Country: LebanonListen to radio stations broadcasting from Lebanon
City: Lebaa
FM (MHz): 102.3
Genre: Arabic Talk
Description: “Radio Free Lebanon” was founded by the late president Sheikh Bechir El Gemayel , in the summer of 1978 during the most difficult phase of the war in Lebanon. Charles Malek , one of the founders of the human rights , suggested its name .

The Radio station has begun its broadcasting on the middle wave (AM) from a convent in the “Adra” region ,in ftouh kesrouan, where most of the intellectual people joined it. After few months, it has moved to Adonis – Zouk mosbeh which is far 12 km from Beirouth .

The station was distinguished by its various political programs and scoops , and musically for many years . It has been contented with Lebanese songs and patriotic canticles to some classic , jazz and foreign music . Also it has produced a lot of historical , intellectual and musical programs . And there is a political program : “the politic in Riddle” which has got a record number in the history of radio media in the middle east for being broadcasted daily during 13 years .

Before the war ended in 1990 the radio station has been developed into a
shareholding company then to “Free Lebanon Company for producing and broadcasting” with the acknowledgement of the audiovisual media law in November 1994 and the booklet of typical rules for the media foundations in February 1996 , where Free Lebanon was the first to get the official permit from the Lebanese government in the first category the political radio stations .

The board of the trustees is formed from at least 10 shareholders with the
presidency of Mr. Shawki Abou Sleiman who is the general Manager of the station since 1991.

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