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Bhaktapur FM

Bhaktapur FM
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2012-06-16 20:44:09
Country: NepalListen to radio stations broadcasting from Nepal
City: Bhaktapur
Address: Bhaktapur FM Pvt Ltd. Itachhen-15, Bhaktapur
FM (MHz): 105.4
Genre: Nepali
Phone: 6617111
Language of broadcast: English
Description: Information, Entertainment and communication are human rights. Because of globalization, the world has become narrowed day by day. Developed and developing countries succeeded in information, education and communication sector. There are so many means of communication in use where Radio is one of them. Frequency Modulation Radio is now very common one. Now, the radio is very important and accessible means of communication in Asia Pacific region. Probably it will be for long time in future too.

Even people of Bhaktapur struggled to get success in the field of education, health, business, industry, communication & information. Participating in this movement, 15 young creative personalities thought an idea of launching FM radio station in Bhaktapur and finally registered as Bhaktapur FM Pvt. Ltd. It has got transmission license from Ministry of Information and Communication in 30th of Bhadra 2060 B.S. After few months, on 29th of Falgun 2060 B.S it received the test transmission permission having 105 MHz frequency and from 24th of Baisakh 2061 we were authorized as 105.4 MHz frequency. The time factor made us educated enough in this field and now we are quite confident in this sector.

Presenting itself as community and economic development service provider, maintaining the belief of it's targeted listeners, enforcement and highly professionalism of its transmission services is the goal of Bhaktapur FM Pvt. Ltd.

To provide entertainment, education, information and public awareness program under law and permission of HMG from well equipped advanced frequency modulation radio transmitter.
To transmit the above program producing and collecting from F.M. radio.
To transmit the different programs sponsored by different persons, institution, firm, company, Industries etc.
To transmit the advertisement and information of different organizations, persons, firms, company, industries etc.

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