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Ilocano Internet
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2012-08-05 11:29:35
Country: PhilippinesListen to radio stations broadcasting from Philippines
City: Ilocano
Internet radio
Genre: Local Music
Phone: 078-8032232
Description: DWRV-Bayombong headed by Fr.Vic Tiam, DWRV Station Director, Fr. Johnson Logan, DWRV Station Manager, Mr. Bonnie Orbillo, WRVTraffic Manager in cooperation with ITEC Training Academy launches the very first ever internet radio streaming in Cagayan Valley providing news, information, music and entertainment worldwide through internet Radio streaming sponsored by ITEC Internet Radio powered by bringing Ilocanos here and abroad closer to home.

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val de guzman say's:
12 October 2012 22:08:38
Hi just want to inform you that on Oct.14,2012 the official start of Alternative Minerals Management Bill Caravan will start at Bayombong Nueva Viscaya aroun 10 the cathedral. hundreds of Indigenouss people from Kasibu,Didipio,Dupax and Quirino will march all the way to Malacanang from Oct.14-17 for a dialogue with the President. They will be calling for the cancellation of the FTAA of Oceana Gold and a Moratorium on all mining operation in N.Viscaya now.
They will be join by other Indigenous Peoples from Central Luzon,Visayas and Mindanao.
Please try to send your staff for the coverage of this event and an interview with some IP leaders.
Thank you
ronnie say's:
06 August 2010
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