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702 Talk

702 Talk
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2012-06-16 20:18:41
Country: South AfricaListen to radio stations broadcasting from South Africa
City: Johannesburg
Address: Primedia Place, 5 Gwen Lane, 2196 Sandown, South Africa
FM (MHz): 92.7
Genre: Sports
Phone: 27 011 506 3702
Fax: +27 (0)11 883 182
Language of broadcast: English
Description: Talk Radio 702 is available on both 106 FM and 92.7 FM Radio 702, currently known as Talk Radio 702, is a commercial FM radio station based in Johannesburg, South Africa, broadcasting on FM 92.7 and FM 106 to the greater Gauteng province. The station is also webcast via its website. It claims to be Johannesburg's number one news and talk station, offering news, sport, business and actuality programming, with plenty of phone-in debates. It was established in 1980 and was initially a young adult music station, moving to a talk format in 1988. During South Africa's apartheid era it, and Capital Radio 604, were the only independent sources of broadcast news. The station is owned by Primedia Until 2006, Talk Radio 702 was broadcast only on 702 kHz AM. In March 2006, it won an application to move to the FM radio frequency, and the first FM broadcast took place on 24 July 2006. The station continued broadcasting on the AM band until 28 June 2007 when it was shutdown. Talk Radio 702's sister station is 567 CapeTalk, a Cape Town based AM radio station. Talk Radio 702 is is now available on both 106 FM and 92.7 FM If you are in the greater Tshwane area, Midrand, or northern Joburg, the 106 signal is probably better for you, while 92.7 covers the greater Joburg area. Wherever you are take the time to, check and listen, to see whether 106 or 92.7 is best for you. If your car radio is RDS enabled it will display “Talk 702,” and will automatically choose the best signal. In parts of the country night-time medium wave listeners may be able to hear the programmes shared with 567 CapeTalk by tuning to 567 medium wave. This coverage is limited.

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