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NightRide USA

NightRide USA
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Last updated:
2011-08-18 09:25:20
Country: United StatesListen to radio stations broadcasting from United States
City: White Plains, NC
Internet radio
Genre: Variety
Phone: 336-648-5823
Description: The sole mission of “NightRide USA” is to maintain a Family, the NightRide Family, rather than a radio show. This becomes reality through radio by providing a source of security, warmth and fellowship that is highly interactive with the Family members. Being an electronic home for people to tune to where they feel... at home and never alone. Creating entertainment that builds rather than destroys character by mixing humor, insight, inspiration and news in a manner which compliments rather than insults the intelligence or sensibilities of the audience. Playing appropriate mixes in various genres of music responsibly with an over-arching emphasis on up-tempo, hopeful music, involving listeners through request plays and even short skits with high attention to the protection of the listener’s dignity. Presenting this entertainment in a such a way that parents have full confidence in the security of their children to listen to it without their supervision. These functions serve with the overall intent of getting the NightRide family members safely through the night by being the radio icon of truth and integrity in the fulfillment of these objectives both on-air and off.

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