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Country: RwandaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Rwanda
City: Butare
Address: B.P. 117 Butare-Rwanda
FM (MHz): 97.0
Genre: Talk
Phone: + 250 531272/73
Description: Find RADIO Salus 97.00 MHz and 101.90 MHz below

Broadcasting from Butare twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, Radio Salus is the National University of Rwanda Radio Station supported by UNESCO.

The Radio derives its name from the Latin language “Salut” Meaning the salvation. The name we got after realizing that the editorial of our radio programs was to be an eye opener to the local population in as far as behavior change is concerned.

The station whose Mission is to train future Rwandan Broadcasters, enhance and diversify radio programming and enhance democracy building, has broken down it’s duties into two parallel purposes, which are:

To serve the Rwandan population with quality programming and offer training to students that exposes them to both broadcasting and educational skills.

Radio Salus reaches 100% of the Rwandan population as well as the neighboring countries with a variety of news, educational and entertainment programmes produced by a team of professional Journalist, in cooperation with lecturers and students from the School of Journalism and Communication of the National University of Rwanda.

As mentioned above, Radio Salus acts as a link between the University and the Community by offering to listeners a variety of programs in the areas such as health, family issues, environment, human rights, justice, rule of law and many others.

Broadcasting in Kinya-rwanda as well as in Swahili, English and French, Radio Salus has the objectives of:

Enhancing democracy in Rwanda, by providing an outlet for freedom of expression and the free flow of information.

Build confidence regarding private radio as a viable means of mass media in Rwanda, by enhancing community debate through on-air discussions on significant issues such as health, agriculture, justice, environment and other related issues.

Improve the curriculum of the school of journalism and communication through the integration of radio station into appropriate courses; needless to say, it provides a hands-on radio practice opportunity for students at the National University of Rwanda.

Provide a reliable broadcast media advertising market for business in Rwanda.

Consisting of a council of advisors, that serve the station in both managerial supervision and ethical advisory capacities, a radio director also responsible for managing all the radio station and all journalistic activities, permanent journalists, support staff and trainees (students)


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16 February 2016 11:39:24
GREETINGS TO SADDAM of butare and his Family.
sipho. say's:
16 February 2016 11:38:16
Big up to every one around butare,tune them for me richie spice(TAKE IT EASY):
nshimiyimana egide say's:
03 November 2015 14:27:49
ndabakunda!!!! ntambwo mwabyumva! mbakumbura nkuko umuntu akumbura iwabo.
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18 February 2016 16:16:57

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nsenga alex say's:
16 December 2013 00:16:05
Thank you for the job well done.we used to listen to you in Kisoro-uganda but these days i dont know what happened.we request that you do something that can enable us listen to you again.we love you,we like you and we support blessed
Well done! say's:
02 January 2011 21:27:10
New year!.
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