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LSM Moldova

LSM Moldova
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Country: MoldovaListen to radio stations broadcasting from Moldova
City: Chisinau
Address: PO Box 969Hickory, NC 28603
FM (MHz): 104.2
Genre: Christian Contemp
Phone: 828.396.2220
Fax: 828.396.5579
Description: On June 11, 1994, the Little Samaritan Mission opened the first radio station in Chisinau, Moldova broadcasting 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Twelve more stations were added in Moldova and uplinked to satellite creating a network of 13 stations which covered the entire country of Moldova and even parts of Ukraine and eastern Romania.

Moldova, located in Eastern Europe has a population of over 4 million people. The Little Samaritan Mission radio network of 13 stations covers the entire country of Moldova, parts of Ukraine, and eastern Romania bringing hope through the Good News of Jesus Christ. Institutions such as prisons, hospitals, orphanages and even schools receive the radio signal and retransmit it through a P.A. speaker system inside their buildings. Thousands of others, listen at home and at work nourishing their lives with Christian principles for living. Radio waves can reach a lonely and forgotten elderly providing encouragement and hope or a young college student searching for the truth among a tumult of ideologies. For this purpose, LSM opened the first Christian radio station in the country of Moldova in 1994 and today, it continues to be the only Christian radio network in Moldova. Since approximately 13 % of the population is Russian, LSM also airs programs in the Russian language. The listener base of LSM radio encompasses a diverse group of individuals: young children, students, intellectuals, political figures, young parents, elderly, Christians, non-Christians, and inmates. LSM radio offers programming which meets the spiritual needs of the people of Moldova by broadcasting inspirational and educational programs commercial-free 24 hours a day.

MOLDOVA-LSM RADIO COVERAGE AREA: over 6 million (all of Moldova, parts of Ukraine and eastern Romania).

After being established as a valuable organization, in the Republic of Moldova, by providing much-need humanitarian relief and services to the people of Moldova, the Little Samaritan Mission saw a door opening in Christian media. In 1994 LSM opened its first radio station in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The impact was immediate. Decades of Communism had left a spiritual void in the minds and souls of the people of Moldova. Being the only Christian radio station in Moldova, the Little Samaritan Radio brought the Good News of Jesus Christ to the population of Moldova. The one station expanded into a 13 station network covering the entire country of Moldova as well parts of eastern Romania and Ukraine. In 2001 doors began to open in another former communist country, Romania. LSM began to acquire as many radio frequencies as possible broadcasting from 15 stations in Romania. In April 2004, 6 more frequencies were added to the LSM radio network in Romania for a total of 25 stations. The radio networks in Moldova and Romania can reach 14 million people in all, 4 million in Moldova and 10 million in Romania. With God's grace and provision, the Little Samaritan Mission is the largest Christian Radio Network on the European continent, bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of Romania and Moldova.

Broadcasts are mainly in the Romanian language but also include programs and music in English, Russian, and Hebrew.

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