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Bahrain FM

Bahrain FM
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2011-02-08 18:25:44
Country: BahrainListen to radio stations broadcasting from Bahrain
City: Manama
Address: P.O. Box 1075
FM (MHz): 99.5
Genre: Arabic Talk
Phone: +973 1768 600
Fax: +973 1768 154
Description: Radio Bahrain is the English radio service from Bahrain Radio & Television Corporation. Broadcasts on two frequencies 96.5 and 99.5 on the FM band and 1584 on the AM band. The English radio was first thought of in 1976, and went on air from a humble studio in the Ministry of Information in Isa Town for 4 hours a day on April 2nd, 1977. The transmitter they used was a Harris 2.5 KHz solid state and the two studios were furnished with a mixer, two turntables, two Studer real tape machines and a telephone hybrid. One was a recording studio and the other was on-air. In 1982 the station was moved to the old Arabic station building in Adliya that had a better-equipped studio with a Studer mixer, two turn tables, three Studer real tape machines, four 8 track carts, two cassette players and a telephone hybrid with the number 244244 as a direct line for people to call in for requests, dedications and live interviews, and in 1988 two CD players were introduced. Air time was increased to 18 hours, with live djs from 6am till 9pm. Also Radio 2 was established for airing pre-recorded programms on 93.3 for 6 hours a day. Then, on November 1st, 1989, Radio Bahrain was moved yet again to a brand new studio In the Ministry of Information, the telephone number was changed to 780780. The studio was bigger the offices were better and of course computers were introduced to edit and compile news and in 1990, Radio Bahrain started broadcasting 24 hours. 1998, Head of Radio Bahrain Mr. Ahmed Suleiman retired and Mr. Salah Khalid was appointed as the new acting head of Radio Bahrain. In the year 2000 Mr. Salah Khalid was officialy appointed as the head of Radio Bahrain and live shows on Radio Bahrain were re-structured and increased from four 4 hour shows to six 3 hour shows a day starting at 6am till midnight and pre-recorded programms were moved to broadcast on 101FM. In 2002, DJ Mohamed Rumaihi was appointed as the djs’ supervisor and 2004 saw the introduction of on-air computers with two systems now in place, first BPM Pro for on-air mixing and later Dalet 5.1. In 2007, Radio Bahrain stopped transmitting on the 101FM frequency and started trasmitting on 99.5FM. Pre-recorded programms continue to air daily on 99.5FM from 7pm till midnight.

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