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PR 3 Polskie Radio

PR 3 Polskie Radio
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2010-11-07 14:00:58
Country: PolandListen to radio stations broadcasting from Poland
City: Gdansk
Address: Three of a Kindul. Mysliwiecka 3/5/7PL-00977 Warsaw
FM (MHz): 99.9
Genre: Ethnic
Phone: +48 22 333 33 33
Description: Program 3 (Trójka - Three) - (alternative, jazz, rock and all other music) - FM and the internet.

Program 3 (Trójka - Three) - (alternative, jazz, rock and all other music) - FM i has been listing the Polish poll-charts since 1982. In the 80's and the 90's, when there wasn't any airplay and sales hitlists on Polish market, it was the most important music chart in Poland.

Polskie Radio Spółka Akcyjna (PR S.A., "Polish Radio") is Poland's public radio network broadcasting corporation.Polskie Radio was founded on August 18, 1925. Regular broadcasting was started on 18 April 1926 in Warsaw. From 1931 broadcasts were transmitted by one of the strongest stations in Europe in Raszyn (which in 1939 was destroyed by the invading German Army). After the Second World War, Polskie Radio was as a part of the public broadcasting body Polskie Radio i Telewizja (PRT - Polish Radio and Television). It was admitted as a full active member of the European Broadcasting Union in 1992.Before the Second World War, Polish Radio broadcast one national channel (Warszawa I) and operated nine regional stations:Kraków (from 15/2/1927), Poznań (from 24/4/1927), Katowice (from 4/12/1927), Wilno (from 15/1/1928), Lwów (from 15/1/1930), Łódź (from 2/2/1930), Toruń (from 15/1/1935), Warszawa II (from 1/3/1937) and Baranowicze (from 1/7/1938).Polish Radio planned to start a new regional station in Lutsk, but the war made this impossible.

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